I have always had a passion for Construction and Real Estate from a very early age. I used to love visiting the residential and commercial construction sites with my Father who spent most of his life in the construction field as a Project/ Site Manager in NJ. I began my own path in Real Estate buying homes to rehab and sell in 1999. Since then I have bought and sold nearly 100 houses. Not to mention the probably 1000+ homes I inspected and decided not to buy for whatever underlying issue or concern. In the very beginning, like every home buyer, my business partner and I hired Home Inspectors to help guide us when purchasing houses to avoid issues with homes, or to at least make sure we were aware of what we were getting into. After about a dozen or so projects, seeing the issues during the limited visual inspection process, and then tearing apart the homes during the rehab process, I began to develop a pretty good idea of what to expect as I inspected other homes.

I was able to learn the inspection process in a Before and After type of way which is not a vantage point that most Home Inspectors get to see. I also got to see and experience a myriad of issues that could not be seen during the Home Inspection process. You would be surprised at the number of mistakes, short cuts, and substandard craftsmanship that exists in many homes. Decks that could fall at any point due to inadequate support and bracing (imagine someone’s Family and Friends over for a celebration out on the deck at their new house and it fails), Fire Hazards, Load bearing walls removed or altered in a dangerous way, crawl spaces that doubled as swamps due to poorly designed drainage/ pump systems, etc. I once rehabbed a home that had a make shift second floor that was really a poorly finished attic, that could have collapsed through to the first floor at any time – luckily it did not as the previous owner was using it as a Bedroom.

We grew in size very quickly and needed to become registered Builders in NJ to keep up with the demand of our Real Estate business. This entailed putting together a crew of Carpenters, Masons, Laborers, and other Tradespeople to streamline our rehab process. This greatly helped to take my experience in the field to the next level.

I pride myself in being a very detail-oriented individual who is committed to doing the job the right way every time. I am also a Veteran of the United States Navy as an Aviation Structural Mechanic, with Duty Stations in Great Lakes, IL., Millington, TN, and Pensacola, FL. As such I feel it is very important to recognize those who not only make sacrifices for our Country, but also those who choose to Serve our Community. NSpect LLC offers special discounts to the Men and Women of our Armed Forces, as well as to our Community Heroes. Thank you!

Thank you for considering NSpect LLC,

Mike Nacinovich